5 ways to reduce your anxiety in any situation

This blog post is very personal for me because I can write these words and be 100 percent aware of what real anxiety means. Being scared leaving the house, feeling uncomfortable going shopping by yourself, sitting in a cafe waiting for your friend and being all alone… being scared of what other people might think about you.

When I had my last job I was dealing with huge anxieties. I didn’t feel good about myself. I didn’t achieve my goals, I hated the way I look, I felt like I was lazy and couldn’t get my butt up to move forward. I was scared to step into the office and having to talk to someone. I thought every move I made looked weird and I’m a weird person who isn’t loved, by anyone. But the truth was, I was loved by my friends and family. I had a great relationship and everything was fine. It was just the disappointment about myself .. I wanted to achieve something that didn’t work out. But things don’t always work out the way you want them to turn out- that’s the utter truth. I was thinking negative every single day, which is not logical if you want to achieve something positive. Everything that didn’t work out was a huge catastrophe for me back then. Today I feel like I’m a totally different person. I love to talk to people, I love to meet new people, I love to shop in the city even if I’m all alone and I can sit in a restaurant without feeling weird or uncomfortable. I always force myself to think positive and it made a drastic change in my life. I want to share 5 ways to claim your anxiety today.

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Whenever I feel sad or have a feeling that anxiety is overwhelming me I try to go somewhere where nobody sees me and force myself to smile for one minute. Smile like I am the happiest person on earth. A smile spreads endorphins and it will make you feel better immediately. There is no way I won’t make you feel better because it’s a reaction your body naturally does.


Do you know that situation where somebody is looking you straight into the eyes and just that makes you feel uncomfortable, ‘small’ and insecure? I feel you. If you are in a situation like this smile inside and think about what you like about that person. Try to think of the other person’s situation. They might have their own personal issues too. Every body has their issues ..try to understand and observe things from a neutral perspective. Every thing is fine. Listen to a person and just relax and stop thinking about yourself in that moment. Try to switch off your head. Just listen and smile inside. It will make a drastic change.


Everyone out there probably said something before that they don’t actually mean and everyone has their bad habits or can be a misunderstanding sometimes. We create our own world in our head and our own reality. Everybody grew up in a diffrent enviroment and understands things differently. You are great the way you are and it’s okay to make mistakes. People in your office or environment don’t care how you look. They don’t care if you wear the newest trends and If you always have the best humour. In the end, everybody is just interested in their selfs. And every one is individual.


If you are scared and you’re feeling depressed, you might have the wrong ‘programs’ or should I better say ‘thoughts’ in your head – make sure you delete and replace them with good thoughts. Maybe you should try listening to positive meditations on youtube or hypnosis. Even if you don’t believe in them. It’s proven if you hear something over and over again it will manifest in your subconsciousness.


This is the hardest one. If you feel uncomfortable with a situation you have to confront yourself again and again. If you avoid situations that make you uncomfortable you will never feel better. Every step you take and every move you make started by a thought. Control your thoughts and control yourself to do what you want.



xoxox Beymarie



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