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If there is something I had to tell you I did a lot of research in beauty -it would be lashes. I’m always open to getting to know new products that are on the market try out the latest beauty treatments and share my experiences with the girls who are interested in the same things as me in my environment. There are so many things to try out if you want to get long thick lashes. Today I want to share my experiences and things I tried to get long and healthy lashes.

Fake Lashes

We all know fake lashes. Fake lashes are easy to apply once you’re used to it and easy to remove. They can make your eyes instantly appear bigger and get you that dramatic eye look you want immediately. I applied fake lashes for a while almost every morning, even to work (I used the natural demi whispies by Ardell- my favourite ones) and they gave my eyes a wonderful smokey touch and made my lashes look super flirty. Even though I liked how my eyes looked I noticed a difference in the condition of my real lashes after a few weeks and I always had glue stuck between my lashes even if I removed all the makeup. If you apply false lashes every single day you will break your own lashes and I would recommend only applying false lashes when you’re on a night out. There are better opportunities if you want flirty lashes to use on an everyday basis.

Eyelash extensions

I tried eyelash extensions for a few times. The first time I in my eyes had the most beautiful lashes ever and didn’t even had to put mascara on my eyes. It saved me a lot of time that I could save mascara and leave the eyeliner. But the second time I went to refill my eyelashes I started to notice that my eyes got itchy and swollen. I thought it was maybe because of my hoy fever and I let them on my eyes . But the third time I went to get a refill my eyes AND FACE swole so bad that I looked like I got 10 punches in the face and a few hours later you would find me at the hospital – I didn’t expect that to happen. After I removed the lashes and got histamine they started the got better and they swole down. Then I did my research and found that there are very dangerous steams in the eyelash glue and you can get blind if you are allergic and keep on applying lashes- which would be ridiculous anyways. Some people are fine with getting eyelash extensions but when I got mine off I only had 3 of my own lashes on my eye and had no more lashes left. I felt terrible and wanted to hide for two weeks. So it’s not good for your own lashes at all

Eyelash Lifting 

A few months ago I had an eyelash lifting done and I loved the result. They are lifted for almost three weeks and look super long and absolutely stunning. But spending 50 euros for every single treatment seems a little much for me only for lashes. But well it always depends on what your priorities are. If you want to have lifted lashes after waking up I definitely comment. But for me personally, I prefer it only for special occasions. Even though it strains your lashes quite a bit the result is beautiful and it’s a great opportunity to make your own lashes look longer and get the best out of them.

Castor oil

This is what worked for me the best and this is what made my lashes long healthy and shiny. I also used my Lenilash serum every second night and applying the castor oil every night straight before going to bed. I’m pretty sure that almost every lash serum works. I saw the difference after a week and I swear on this combination. I got my castor oil in the pharmacy because I wanted to be sure that I’m using 100 percent pure castor oil on my lashes and see if it works . I read many good reviews on the internet. It worked a 100% for me.

My favourite Mascara combination

My favourite Mascaras at the moment are the Loreal volume million lashes and the Loreal false lash mascara. First I apply one coat on the volume million lashes to define my lashes and get the separate and after that, I put on two coats of the false lash mascara to give my eyes a dramatic super dark black eye look.

By the way, if you prefer a very natural eye look on an everyday basis I recommend you using brown mascara.




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