This March my Mum, my sister and I decided to go to one place we all wanted to go for so many years – so we booked a trip for 3 days to London. Which is now my favourite city in the whole wide world. We started our trip on a Sunday. We stayed at the wonderful “Dolphin Square Apartment house” and had a beautiful apartment with a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and everything we needed. Dolphin square also offers their apartments for rent and you get to stay in a wonderful place for less money. It was super luxurious and everything about the dolphin Square apartments made you feel like as if you would stay in a real hotel. When we arrived there on Sunday evening it was already dark outside and we had dinner in a restaurant near our apartment and we had to get up super early the next day. So we decided to go to bed early and get our next day started at 7 am. We had breakfast at the dolphin Square restaurant and went on a city tour on one of London’s famous red buses. We visited the Buckingham palace and had lunch afterwards. After our tour, we went on the London eye and appreciated the beautiful view of London. Of course, we also had to go shopping in London aswell and went to a few shops around Piccadilly Circus. Later that night we’ve been on a jack the ripper tour. You can imagine that our day must have been very long and quite stressful but it was SUPER amazing at the same time. The Jack the Ripper tour was so much fun and I would recommend everyone to go on one. The next day we went to the warner brothers studios and saw all the original harry potter film sets. It was quite impressive and it was a memory I would never forget. The last day we went to the madame Tussauds and I got to see all the amazing Hollywood stars- even though they were only wax figures it was still amazing. I even got a chance to take a photo with the world famous Kim Kardashian. Processed with VSCO with e8 preset

London is a beautiful city and there was no way leaving the city without having a tonne of photos on my olympus camera. There was no better shopping place for me than shopping in Harrods and Fenwick. Shopping in Hamburg is just nothing compared to there for me. If you haven’t been to Harrods you have to go there. It’s probably Londons most famous luxury shopping centre with the most beautiful clothes, the biggest candy department I’ve ever seen in my life and with the coolest designer pieces. Shopping in London was one of the best shopping experiences ever. But everywhere else is better than in our own country, isn’t it? We get the chance to get things from brands I could never get in my own country. I love travelling so much. If I could travel all the time I probably would never be home. I love to escape the everyday life and making new experiences. There is so much more to see in this world. London is a city where I could imagine living and staying for a while. It was a place where I felt welcome.

I vlogged my whole London trip in two London vlogs and shared them on my youtube channel. You can check them out here:

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