My Number One Resolution


Processed with VSCO with e8 presetLet’s talk about probably everybody’s number one resolution – to get more fit and healthy.

This has been my resolution almost every new year, and after the first few weeks of being ambitious and patient, I, unfortunately, felt back in my bad habits. This year I want to be constant through the whole year. Especially because I work in an office now. I have to take care of my body because I almost sit on my butt the whole day.

Not it’s time to make a change and stop eating all those carbs, sugar and fat the whole day and start eating vegetables and fruits. I collected a few of my favourite “Stay Fit“ tips and share them with you.


One of the best tip to stay fit is to make myself a super delicious smoothie, where you can add all of your favourite fruits like kiwis, mangos and bananas. And I am a huge fan when it comes to Mango. It has a lot of vitamins and gets me full.

Fitness @home

Of course, the gym is the best you can do to train all your muscles and to do some cardio. Unfortunately, gyms in our area are very expensive and far away from our flat. So I realised that God had given us all the resources we need to stay active and fit. It’s our body. There are so many exercises you can do at home with only your body – like sit-ups for example. You can get yourself some weights and a skipping rope and do it all on your own, and you have the same effect as you go to the studio and guess what? It’s free.

Healthy Snacks

In the morning I like to make myself some porridge with milk and a few slices of bananas. For work, I take the banana that’s left and for lunch, for example, I have rice with chicken and vegetables. For lunch, I only like to eat a few carbs, and when it gets to dinner, I like eating a salad or grilled vegetables. For snacks, I try to only eat fruits, like an apple or vegetables like a cucumber.

Hydration is essential

Everybody says that but it’s true. We need it for our organs to work, for our cells, for our skin, for everything. So give your body as much hydration as possible to make it stay healthy. Your body will thank you soon enough.
Processed with VSCO with e8 preset


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