My Fashion style from 1995 to 2017


I have to admit that I’ve always been into fashion and I’ve always loved to combine different pieces and different styles. Sometimes my looks turned out great, sometimes not. I’ve gone trough so many phases when it came to fashion and in my personal style. Of course, we had to consider that there have always been different and new trends. When I look at my old pictures, I have no idea what got into me sometimes. I bet every person has that one piece in their closet that they wore to death back then and would never wear again today. I could think that this post is embarrassing sharing on the internet today, but I believe that it’s not. Wearing all those styles and going through all these phases made me know what I love in fashion today and made me develop my signature style today. I started early to decide what I wanted to wear. So I had a lot of fashion faux pax through my fashion timeline.

Let’s start with what I loved to wear in all these years and maybe you can see yourself in one of these photos and maybe you can remember what your favourite pieces were and what you liked to wear back then. I think it’s obvious that when I was a baby, I love to wore a jumper. We all did. Let’s jump a little bit forward. When I was a baby and a small child my mum decided what she wanted me to dress of course because when you are a young child, you have other things in mind.


In the year of 1999, I loved wearing Disney princess’ costumes, and I’ve been into Disney movies. So I always wanted to look like by favourite Disney character back then – Bella from Beauty and the Beast. I remember my mum dressing me in a beautiful yellow beauty Dress for a performance my class did at my school. I went to an international school where we sang a lot of songs (which I still remember today) and always planned musicals and stuff. It was super fun.

“I was obsessed with the dalmatiner print.”


In 2000 when 101 Dalmatian’s came out I was obsessed with the dalmatian print. I remember wearing a shirt with a Dalmatian head on the front, some entirely printed dalmatian trousers and some Dalmatian blinking shoes. And of course, I had my Damalatiner stuff animal following me everywhere I go.



In 2002 I had a weird fashion phase. I LOVED buying clothes from the Boys Clothing Departure. Do you remember these trousers that Kim Possible on Disney Channel wore? I had the same. How embarrassing isn’t it? I have to laugh while writing this. Kim Possible has inspired me back then. The whole Disney scene did. I only had guy friends and looked like a boy as well.

“I loved everything about Hilary Duff and I wanted to be exactly like her”


In 2003 Hilary  Duff got very popular with her Disney Series called Lizzie McGuire. I was OBSESSED with this Series. I loved everything about Hilary Duff, and I wanted to be exactly like her. I wanted to sing like her, to look like her and be like her. She was my idol for almost three years. I remember us going to “limited too” in California back then really often. Limited Too was my favourite store, and I got so many clothes from Limited Too back then. Have you ever been to that shop? I only know the Limited Too store in California. I think it’s only in America, but everything in this store was Lizzie Mcguire inspired. And you could get Posters there from Jesse Mccartney as well lol. It makes me smile thinking about that time because I was so girly back then omg. Little monkeys on my pj’s, Pink everywhere, Glitter Earrings – I was so obsessed. I remember getting a pink belt with big silver diamond letters saying “LISA”. I was getting a little big to serious back then but I thought it looked super cool.I combined a silver Jacket and some flared jeans with diamond pockets. Let’s step a little forward.


In 2007 I remembered when I ran into Takko with my best friend back then with only 10, and I wanted to spend all my money in this store and get myself some cute looking summer tops – lol. A Tshirt from Takko back then cost about 2 DM back then. So I got myself a blue summer top that I wore to death and which I loved. And it was just a simple baby blue top. But I loved it. Do you remember these colourful braids that we got in our hair in our summer holiday? I did exactly that. And my sister felt inspired apparently.

“Do you remember these colorful braids with a perl in the hair-end that we got our hair in our summer holiday? “

Let’s go forward to 2010 I was obsessed with listening to green day. I bought myself some white all starts, some grey jeans with a grey, white or black t-shirt. And it was my favourite outfit at that time. I loved listening to rock/pop music and enjoyed listening to no doubt, pink, red hot chilli peppers and so on. Do you still remember MTV playing them every day?

In the year of 2012, I made an immensely turn. I coloured my hair light blonde, dark eyeliner and drew my waterline with a black pencil, Leo print everywhere and black leggings of corse. Let me be honest with you.  I looked like a tramp. lol

Thank god I didn’t look that for too long, and I started to get a more casual and got of beeing extreme in everything I do. I got dark hair, loved the high waist crop top look with sneakers and bomber jackets. Now in 2016 I love simple colours and feel inspired by many fashion bloggers and designers. I love shopping at ASOS, Zara, Reiss and French Connection for example. I love to combine things but never be too extreme, and I’m always dressed in simple colours with a few eye-catching accessories.

Today I can laugh about all these phases I’ve been going trough with fashion, and I love to think about all the memories I still have. Please let me know in the comments what pieces in your wardrobe you loved to wear back then. How did your fashion timeline look? I’m curious so let me know.

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