Friday Night Pamper Routine

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Two years ago my Friday night looked a little different than it looks like today. Back then I was always going to a club, having a few drinks and meet up some friends. But time has changed. I’m more focused on my goals and beeing productive today and having a headache from the night before on a regular weekend is unimaginative for me, if I want to be productive. Sometimes I still love to go out or drink a glass of wine. But it is not a part of my typical Friday evening anymore. Instead, I love to cuddle on the sofa and have myself a pamper night.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a tub in our flat but my parents’ house is only 5 minutes away by car, so I love heading over to my parent’s house to relax in a hot bubble Barth while having candles all around the tub and listening to some relaxing music. We are on our phone or our computer all day. I especially can sometimes spend many hours on social media. Sometimes our brain just needs a break and needs some time to relax and by that, I not only mean when we are sleeping. I always notice that when I’m rather on my phone or the computer 24/7 and haven’t relaxed in a week, I start to get very grumpy, tired and I could complain about almost everything. And that only happens because I didn’t give my brain a break the whole weekend because even before I go to bed I have my phone laying on the night stand next to me. While laying in the tub, I love to give my face some extra hydration by using a sheet mask and while leaving a Hair mask to sit on my hair.

Have you ever realised that you are surrounded by millions of different noises every day?

It’s stress to your ears and your brain to consistently hearing thousands and thousands of noises every single day. Have you ever tried to just turn of every sound that you hear and listen to silence? Just listen to your heartbeat and nothing else? It is the most relaxing thing in this world, and I think this is probably one of the reasons why I moved back nearer the landscape and out of the middle of Hamburg. I was surrounded by so loud noises every single night. I heard the traffic non-stop, and I could never give my brain a break. But hearing noises all the time and non-stop will get you sick in the long term. Sometimes you just need silence. It’s essential to have balance in your life. Have you ever wondered why so many people are so into yoga? Because by doing yoga you learn how to concentrate on nothing else but you. Nothing else but the inner silence. I would recommend everyone to develop their little meditation to recover from all the stress that you have to deal with.

Beeing all by yourself with no sound, no noise no nothing just you is the most relaxing thing in this world. These are the nights which I really enjoy. If you are relaxed, it’s nearly impossible to get angry or grumpy. Relaxed people are the happiest. I like to take at least one night on my week of to be all by myself and relax. And let’s be honest. Most of us don’t get enough sleep and are a hundred percent recovered after waking up. So you have to give your body a little bit of extra time to give yourself some rest. You live in your body your whole life. Take good care of it, and you immediately will feel better. If you boost up your energy level, you are free to do whatever you want to do and you can give a hundred percent for beeing the best version of yourself. Every single day.

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Xoxo Beymarie

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