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A smell of women can be very attractive if you pick the right. I tried many perfumes, but I have to admit that I’m not that person who usually get’s herself a fragrance. I rather receive a perfume as a gift or give it to someone as a gift. Have you ever been in a situation where you smelled a scent and had a memory? When I was a young girl going to school, I remember my mum washing my clothes with a particular washing powder and one time my sports teacher ask me what washing powder my mum uses for my clothes because I smell so good. And every time I get back home to my mum’s house, and into the washing room, I have this memory. Gean Paul Guerlain one time said: “Perfume is the most intense form of memory.

“Perfume is the most intense form of memory.”

If you smell the scent of wet grass, you probably think about a meadow while the sun shines on the lawn and evaporates the rain on it on a warm spring morning. If you smell a lasagne next to your seating table, you probably think about your vacation where you were to Italy with your friend or boyfriend a few years ago. And If you smell the scent of a woman who crosses your way while walking on the sidewalk, you probably remember that that was the same smell that you mother used to wear.

From time to time I found out what I like in a perfume. I’m the person I can’t smell one particular smell all the time. I need some variation in my picks, so I picked out my most favourite Fragrances of all time ( till now).

One of my favourites is the Black Opium Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent. I’m not the best at describing a smell, but I would say it smells like white flowers, which is my favourite scent of all time. The official description says the notes are Coffee Accord, Orange Blossom, Cedarwood Essence and Patchouli Essense. I love to wear this fragrance to more special events, or for nights out because sometimes the scent is a little bit heavy. The Fragrance is very hyped at the moments so the probability is high that you might smell it before on someone. But it my opinion it’s worth a try, and I love it.

Get the Black Opium Fragrance here:

My next top fragrance to choose is my Vera Wang Princess. This smell is a sweet, fresh and floral smell which title describes it perfectly. It’s the favourite scent of my boyfriend as well, and it’s a fragrance I would recommend everyone to try out at least at once.  And the good thing is that it’s not a hyped Fragrance, so there is a chance for you to not smell it on every woman who you cross the street.

Get the Vera Wang Fragrance here:

The next one is a maybe unexpected one.  It’s the see and be seen Sasha by benefit. The smell is very unusual, and it’s a little heavy and sweet at the same time, but you can wear it for a very long time. I discovered this smell on my sister’s commode a while ago, and I had to get it immediately. I was so amazed by the smell, and it’s not that expensive, though. It’s not a hyped Fragrance, and I promise you will get compliments while you’re wearing it!

You can get your here at


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