Sweet Sixteen

Do you still remember your life as super sweet sixteen? 

Looking back to my life when I was sixteen makes me remember how different my life was back then. Different interests, different people around me, different environment and various duties. Well.. duties? I think the only duty I had to fulfil back then was doing my homework and learning for class tests. My life seemed to be so different back then. How was your life when you were sixteen? Have you ever really thought about how your life has changed?



When I was sixteen years old, I thought life is going to be much easier when I’m 21 because I’m overage then and I have a lot more freedom. That I’m going to live in a beautiful apartment without any help, having a job that I love and being independent. The truth is:

“Nothing is easy.”

There are different challenges every day that we have to deal with. Everybody has problems or duties that they have to fulfil. I have way more duties today than I had back then but I love to think back at that time, where my friends and I partied all the time, chilled at sit-ins always surrounded by a huge group of people. I met new people almost every weekend.

And I will never forget how my style was back then. When I look at old pictures today, I’m so shocked how I looked back then and how it came that I had such a terrible hair colour and nobody ever told me! My hair was yellow/orange and so broken that it looked like a three-year-old had cut it. My eyeliner looked like I drew it with an Edding Marker like the ones from Staples.

pa280331I don’t even want to start about my outfit combination. Did you also love the Leo print as much as I did? The only thing that reassures me is that the leopard print was super trendy back then.

Even though I’m very happy how my life turned and that I started blogging and doing youtube videos. I always get so excited, and it makes me so much fun. Let me just give you one advice: If there is one thing you love from your heart; try to make it your job. If you never try you’ll never know.

xx xxx



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