The Stroke of Midnight

It’s that time of the year where every mall and every city is festively decorated with loads of lights, christmas trees and christmas balls. It’s especially this time of the year that I love spending a lot of time with my family, friends and boyfriend. I’m actually excited to get snuggled up in my fake fur blanket on my sofa. The new year is coming really fast and this is when we start thinking about things we want to change and make better next year.




Yes, I’m talking about the good resolutions.

Everybody knows it’s kind of a tradition in every beginning of the new year. The same goes for me.
I love setting goals and reaching them. I love working on new projects and creating creative content in every single way. I recently even returned to school.
There is one resolution I had last year and I actually made it – I quit smoking!
It’s the most disgusting thing in the world and I’m so proud that I got my hands off of this poison.
For this new years resolution, I have a new goal that I can’t wait to reach – I want to create a blog that I love and a youtube channel that I’m happy with and talk about things I love and enjoy.
Like fashion, music, beauty but also about health and the right mindset.

I am in the habit of writing a list of goals in my notepad that I want to reach and exactly what I have to do to reach them.
As I kept thinking about it I realized that if you want to reach something and you really want it, you must start now. You shouldn’t ever wait until tomorrow. If you wait for the right day, the right time to think about and act on your goal/plan whatever it may be, there will always be something that holds you back from it. Only you who can figure out what it is you need to do. It is your life and you can do whatever you want to do. Just work for it step by step.
And you don’t have to wait for it to begin until the stroke of midnight..




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