My Thoughts on The Instagram Belfie Craze

Every time I scroll down my discover feed on Instagram I see tonnes of pictures of girls showing off their trained body on Instagram and get a lot of attention by that. The bigger the lips, boobs and butt – the better. Hundreds of young girls tagging their friends and commenting how amazing they look and how they wish they would look the same. To be honest?

The Trend of girls sexualizing themselves brought a BIG issue in our society !Posing blogger

I feel like I haven’t read enough blog posts on that topic and I guess that’s why most bloggers follow that trend and hype these people. Please don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of respect for people who work their butt off to achieve their dream bodies, stay focused on their diets and are very ambitious. Not everybody has the ambition and that’s something that I have a lot of respect for. But the problem I have with posting ‘butt’ and ‘titti’ selfies on Instagram is that it makes hundreds of girls insecure and make them feel depressed and let them feel bad because they don’t feel ‘sexy’ or pretty enough. In my personal opinion, they switch up the difference of being comfortable in your own skin and just being slutty. In my eyes there is a difference in posting a selfie from vacation in a bikini or in a nice dress with a bigger cut out in a sexy pose that you wore the nights before and in showing off in your underwear and dancing in front of a mirror and holding your butt into the camera ( Sorry Alexis ren). Everything gets sexualized, everyone what’s to look the hottest, whats to be the sexiest and so on..

restaurant selfie

I’m really into fitness at the moment and I found my love again for jogging in the woods. I have my weights at home, my Ankle strap weights and my barbell. I don’t have a perfectly toned body. I’m a normal fit person which is working on getting tighter and fitter. I think it’s cool to film and post videos on what exercises you make and share your fitness routine- I think it is very inspiring. But I would never just take a photo off my butt so everyone can see how big and round it got. Because then I would be at that point again were I would sexualize myself.

The fitness and beauty industry is huge and If you have good products and you are able to do great marketing I think it’s almost impossible to fail in that niche because there will always be someone who wants to try out the newest and hottest fitness and beauty trends on the market.

But to sexualize your body, photograph yourself in underwear in a saucy pose in your bed is something that can be misunderstood for young adults in what really is ‘sexy’ and what just tends to be absolutely slutty. I had a girl in my class back then which got sick and depressed because of this hype and she had many issues .. including with her body, her health and mind.  She tried out all kinds of trends to be fitter healthier and to look sexier. She took pills, stopped eating right and smoked a whole pack of cigarettes to suppress hunger. She is still sick to this day and I know that there are thousands of girls, if not millions who feel the same and obsess over this Instagram craze. The body of women is beautiful. Every woman is individual and beautiful in her own way. I just hope that more people will speak up in the future

and by that I don’t only mean women !

instagram craze

A real gentleman with class don’t what a woman who is showing off her butt in a bikini while rubbing sand over it into the camera and squeezing her breasts with just her hands without wearing a bra and posting that on the internet. A man with class wants a woman with class and I think that’s not clear to everyone in our society. A man should speak up too because girls just don’t only want to look good for themselves. They especially want to look good for a man! It t is in our human nature. It’s normal. Even if it’s unwitting.

I hope that man and women speak up and help to encourage our and the younger generation! I also wrote a post about confidence. Make sure to check it out:




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