Why I started a blog


I always loved reading blogs. Especially fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs. But the first blog I read was www.businessinsider.de. A German blog who writes about all kind of topics for example about business and your mindset. This blog helped me a lot in starting to focus on my own business and to finally do what I love and what I always wanted – blogging.

I found it super interesting, and it woke up my interest in reading blogs. When I got more and more into youtube, I found a lot of fashion bloggers like hello October, in the frow, the fashion mumblr or margot and me. All of them have this fabulous Instagram feed, super cool blogs and channels.

I’ve done some blogging back in 2009 without even knowing that I was blogging. I created websites on piczo.com. Do anyone of you know this platform? You could create your little web space with glitter stickers and stuff back to when Myspace was popular. I loved doing that I was the one who made my friends email addresses, so I was always super interested in social media and creative content on the internet.

Like I told in my youtube videos before and like I wrote in the about section I’ve always been super passionate about Music and Fashion, and it was always hard for me to combine it. When I realised that I’m able to do my blog and share my interest with the internet, I knew that THAT is what I wanted to do.

I wanted to incorporate more of my love to music, my mindset and how I think about things. I just want to share my interests with you and write about whatever I want to and be creative with my content.

I always noticed that if I get less creative the more I get frustrated and sad and don’t feel fulfil with my life. That’s why I wanted to start a blog and because I hope to help girls with my experiences who have been through the same things. I always learn something new by reading different people’s blogs. I want to learn things from the people who have the same interests as me.

I’m excited and looking forward to the future. Let’s see where this get’s.

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