How I write my Songs – What ‘KTDF’ is about

 First of all, I would like to say that for me personally, I don’t think there is a guide who tells you how to write the perfect song. Of course, it would be helpful to know that every song we hear on the radio has a chorus and a verse. Some songs also have a hook. But I think when it comes to writing and composing a melody it just comes from your heart. It all comes from your mind and your imagination. I had often dreams where I performed a song on stage and sang a song I never heard before. In real life I know that’s a song idea I have in my head but after I wake up I always forget how it was.

I often suddenly have a random melody in my head a few seconds before falling asleep. That’s probably because I’m all by myself at that moment without any noises around me just darkness and silence. Otherwise, It also happened to me that I was in the car, listening to a new song only a few seconds and imagine that I will continue singing this song with my voice, my own words and how the melody would be. It’s all imagination in my head. If you listen to a lot of music from different artists and listen to more than just one genre it really helps you get into how songs a written and how they are built. I really like pop records with a melody that’s stuck in your head right after listening to it for the first time. A very simple easy melody that you can’t forget. It just comes all by itself. Sometimes I only get an Idea for a verse. Then I immediately record it on my phone.

I record every song idea I have on my phone and give it a name. If I see that a song idea has potential I try to build a whole song out of it and after that I write down the words. There’re some people who say that a good song is written in maximum a half hour and good song just flows. I wouldn’t say that’s true. Sometimes it took 3 days for me to have a whole song finished, sometimes just a half hour. It always depends on what mood you’re in. Sometimes I just can’t find the right words immediately and that’s okay. You want to feel what you write down and you want to relate to it, and so should other people. You don’t ant to just write down any words and phrases that rhyme. That’s not what music is about. Music is about expressing yourself. Music comes from your heart. Music is sharing emotions with other people who immediately feel like the phrases you sing come from their heart. Music is speaking out thoughts and sharing opinions.

Sometimes I just feel like writing a crazy lyric where other people probably think ‘what the hell is she trying to say’? 

And some people immediately get what I mean with my lyric because they also feel like they want to say something they feel exactly that way. For example ‘Kiss The Dancefloor’. It’s about a girl who just wants to have fun with her girls, be herself and don’t want her boyfriend to tell her how she should dress like, how she should be like and that she has to be at home at 8 pm. I’m telling him to kiss the dancefloor to get a taste of what freedom feels like and expressing yourself and just be who you want to be. Some people got that some people didn’t understand my lyric which is totally fine. This is what I love about songwriting. I was exactly in that situation and the melody is very energetic just like I felt like it’s supposed to be Sometimes it also helps to just sit on the piano and play a few chords. I’m not a good piano player. I just know how to play a few chords that many songs have and you can look how to play them on YouTube. Just be creative and listen to your inner voice. All my songs came from a melody I had in my head. I would like to call that as my foundation. After I build my foundation I like to build a beat to it and later I’m writing the lyric. Because I’m not a native speaker I like to send my lyric to my stepmother so she can check if everything is correct. She is a native speaker and I always want to make sure that the lyrics don’t contain any mistakes in grammar.

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